Enable Self-Driving Planning Processes.

Achieve automation and greater visibility.

Autonomous Planning

Boost productivity and service levels and improve forecasting by integrating disparate data sources and building self-learning, action-oriented planning processes that automate critical decision-making.


Key Challenges Reported by Business Leaders


Report Increase in Supply Chain Disruption


Lack Sufficient Digital Technologies


Negatively Impacted by Disruption


Revisiting Business Growth Strategy


Lack Supply Chain Visibility


Autonomous planning solutions are built on a continuous, closed-loop, self-driving integrated planning infrastructure powered by our NEO Data Lake®, digital twin, data aggregation, well-defined touchless planning processes and AI-infused decision-making.

Assessment & Strategy

  • Current State Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Process Definition and Reengineering
  • Process Digitalization Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Change Management

Network Design

  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Inventory Positioning and Optimization
  • Route and Freight Optimization
  • Technology Optimization
  • Best Practice Adoption

Digital Systems

  • NEO Data Lake®
  • Digital Twin Enablement
  • Demand Sensing and Forecasting
  • Exception-Based Supply Planning
  • Dynamic Inventory Allocation
  • Auto-Balancing of Demand and Supply
  • Automated Decision-Making
  • Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructures

Visibility & Control

  • Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Control Tower Roadmap
  • Control Tower Process Definition
  • Supply Chain Performance Metrics
  • Advanced Analytics


Our Autonomous Planning Solutions Drive Measurable Business Value


Fewer Stockouts


Faster Inventory Turns


Higher Asset Utilization


Improved Service Levels


Revenue Growth


Through our proprietary, customized accelerators, we empower enterprises to leverage cutting-edge technologies to sense and mitigate risk, balance supply and demand, and achieve maximum value from their technology investments.

Early warning system assesses potential opportunities and risks, evaluates impacts, and enables a timely response.
  • Warnings for weather, regulatory changes, sanctions, tariffs, etc.
  • Delay predictions and value-at-risk estimations for shipments.
  • Benchmarking and scenario analysis from 100,000+ events.
Responsive demand forecasting solution that takes into account external and internal demand signals.
  • Real-time demand sensing.
  • Dynamic capacity planning.
  • AI-powered guided buying.
  • Advanced scenario planning.
  • Visibility into supplier risk.
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Modern data lake accelerates the building of an intelligent unified data layer that enables cross-system integrations.
  • Common data model and rich set of prebuilt integrations.
  • Interactive and embedded data science tools and analytics.
  • Enterprise-ready SSO, role-based access, admin and reporting.
  • Cloud-native, SaaS, serverless computing, pay-as you-go.
Packaged solution for SAP IBP accelerates time to value, reduces implementation risks and increases user adoption.
  • Preconfigured industry-specific scenarios and assets.
  • Customizable documentation and training materials.
  • ERP integration templates.


Stay ahead of the curve and gain added value by tapping into our strong partner ecosystem and integration engineering expertise.

Insights & Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about our autonomous planning solutions.


Now is the Time for CPGs to Adopt Autonomous Planning

CPGs continue to face volatile demand patterns, rising raw material costs and supplier uncertainties. AI-powered planning optimizes S&OP in real time.


Demand Forecasting Facts and Figures – Infographic

Inability to effectively plan and respond to demand volatility poses challenges to an already strained supply chain. AI/ML can help overcome these challenges.



Our responsive demand forecasting solution enables real-time demand sensing, dynamic capacity planning, AI-powered guided buying, and more.


Powering Supply Chain Planning through Artificial Intelligence

AI is an enabler that can be leveraged across the supply chain to arm business leaders with the data they need to detect, assess and mitigate disruptions.


Transforming Supply Chain Monitoring with Autonomous Planning

Technologies like AI, ML and IoT are proving to be powerful tools to help supply chain professionals do their jobs more effectively than ever before.


Making Autonomous Planning Work for You

Autonomous planning draws on a wealth of internal and external data to enable action-oriented planning processes that automate critical decision-making.

Case Studies

Semiconductor Company uses AI-Powered App to Boost Forecast Accuracy by 40%

The solution provides a portal that enables forecast consumption through collaboration and combines statistical modeling with external event signals.

Case Studies

Auto Parts Manufacturer Recoups $10M a Year with ML-Driven Demand Forecasting

Bristlecone’s machine learning-driven, cloud-based app collates market signals, correlates it to demand patterns and drives reliable, accurate forecasts.

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