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Tech companies are innovating at a faster rate than ever before, and they face unique challenges at each stage of product maturity. Our expertise spans the entire digital lifecycle – designing, developing, testing, implementing and supporting products and prebuilt integrations – and is aimed at helping you increase revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk.


Key Challenges Reported by Tech Industry Leaders


Lack Sufficient Digital Technologies


Data Quality Concerns


Revisiting Business Growth Strategy


Lack Supply Chain Visibility


Slow Data Processing


Power the future of your intelligent enterprise and create unmatched business value with our transformative industry solutions.

Minimize risk, increase agility, enhance customer experience and reduce costs by leveraging digital systems, collaboration and automation, analytics and insights, and cognitive decision-making.
Create faster and smarter design-to-production processes, accelerate time to market, and extend asset life with manufacturing insights, connected assets, intelligent automation and digital quality.
Boost productivity and service levels by integrating disparate systems and data sources and rolling out AI-powered self-learning planning processes that improve forecasting and automate decision-making.
Deliver procurement value using a consulting-driven approach to enable process automation, strategic sourcing, spend optimization, supplier diversification, real-time collaboration and contract governance.
Realize incredible business value by transitioning to a truly digital enterprise – built on a modern cloud infrastructure, with an intelligent data and analytics strategy, that delivers a great customer experience.


Our Technology Industry Solutions Drive Measurable Business Value


Service Availability


Higher Customer Satisfaction


Reduction in Integration Time


Fewer Service Tickets


YoY Cost Reduction


Thrive on change with our specialized digital transformation services spanning strategy, design and build, and implementation.

Accelerate your transformation by leveraging our assessment and advisory services, proven methodologies, proprietary accelerators and enablers, and change management expertise.
Put your data to work by tapping into our AI-powered analytics capabilities to unlock valuable insights, enhance visibility and enable smart data-driven decision-making.
Realize the incredible power of a connected enterprise by integrating and automating your systems, platforms, devices, sensors, apps, data, networks and cloud technologies.
Build and modernize your application and data landscape by engaging our proven expertise and enablers to enhance CX, transition to the cloud, and leverage data lake solutions.
Transform and modernize your SAP-powered intelligent enterprise. As a preferred SAP partner, we can position you for success with SAP S/4HANA, IBP, Ariba and Analytics.
Implement and integrate proven technology platforms into your digital framework to elevate your ERP environment and boost your operational agility, visibility and performance.


Insights & Resources

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Autonomous planning draws on a wealth of internal and external data to enable action-oriented planning processes that automate critical decision-making.


Resolving Data Siloing to Unlock Supply Chain Visibility

Data is the key to unlocking supply chain visibility. But disparate systems and data silos cause roadblocks. How can siloing be resolved so visibility can be achieved?

Case Studies

Automation Platform Provider Cuts Licensing Fees and Integration Customizations

We provided the integration engineering expertise needed to quickly build a full-fledged SAP connector for the client’s workflow automation platform.

Case Studies

Retail Cloud Services Leader Achieves 100% Customer Satisfaction with ‘B2B Factory’

We established a flexible and scalable offshore ‘B2B Factory’ to provide expert setup, development, integration and testing services to end customers.

Case Studies

Cloud Data Management Company Fast-Tracks Adapter Creation and Certification

We provided the SAP and integration adapter expertise and resources the customer needed to develop an adapter quickly and get it certified by SAP.

White Papers

Smart Integration, an Essential Building Block for Digital Platforms

When separate platforms are tightly knit and communicate seamlessly, you can achieve far better efficiency and unlock new avenues for business growth.

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