Deliver Procurement Value Beyond Savings.

Achieve automation and greater visibility.

Smart Procurement

Deliver procurement value using a consulting-driven approach to enable process automation, strategic sourcing, spend optimization, supplier diversification, real-time collaboration and contract governance.


Key Challenges Reported by Procurement Leaders


No Visibility Beyond Tier 1 Suppliers


Lack Insight into Supplier Performance


Do Not Have Adequate Internal Talent


Underutilizing Digital Technologies


Think Current Value Measures are Irrelevant


Smart procurement drives procurement excellence in the core tenets of people, process and technology by working with senior business leadership to develop a strategy that is holistic in its vision and approach, thus creating a connected technology ecosystem that drives automation, delivers timely and relevant insights, optimizes costs, and enhances supplier relationships.

Management Consulting

  • Procurement Strategy and CPO Advisory
  • Spend Assessment and Strategic Sourcing
  • Category Strategy and Management
  • Enterprise Cost Takeout and Value Engineering
  • Supplier Risk and Diversity Management
  • P2P Needs Assessment and Tool Selection
  • Change Management
  • Interim Roles and Staff Augmentation
  • M&A Operational Integration

BPO / PaaS

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Procurement as a Service (PaaS)
  • Procurement Process Assessment
  • Process Digitalization and Optimization
  • Support for End Users and Suppliers

Digital Systems

  • Digital Supplier Network
  • Supplier Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Governance
  • Invoice Management
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Transactional Data Digitization
  • Cognitive Automation
  • ERP Integrations

Analytics & Insights

  • Procurement Diagnostics
  • Process and Spend Optimization
  • Spend Analytics
  • AI-Guided Buying
  • Supplier Risk Management
  • Commodities Risk Management
  • Fraud Detection


Our Smart Procurement Solutions Drive Measurable Business Value


Visibility into Spend


Faster Supplier Onboarding


Increase in Automation


Reduction in P2P Cycle Time


Procurement Cost Savings


Through our proprietary, customized accelerators, we empower enterprises to leverage cutting-edge technologies to sense risk, digitize transactions, improve supplier collaboration and accelerate technology deployments.

Early warning system assesses potential opportunities and risks, evaluates impacts, and enables a timely response.
  • Warnings for weather, regulatory changes, sanctions, tariffs, etc.
  • Delay predictions and value-at-risk estimations for shipments.
  • Benchmarking and scenario analysis from 100,000+ events.
Extract information from unstructured transactional documents using OCR and reduce manual work ten-fold.
  • Automatically extract key data fields with OCR/AI algorithms.
  • Quick document handling with higher degree of data accuracy.
  • Transfer extracted data into digital systems and workflows.
Leverage real-time market intelligence and forecasting recommendations to support procurement decisions.
  • Commodity pricing (current and forecast) and market events.
  • Supplier contracts impacted by events and pricing fluctuations.
  • Key supply/demand locations and export/import countries.
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Collaborate with suppliers to track POs, improve forecast accuracy, and rapidly identify and respond to disruption.
  • Intuitive collaboration portal.
  • Real-time communication.
  • Rapid requirement gathering.
  • Accurate supplier commits.
  • Material and shipment tracking.
Decision support tool provides KPI-driven spend management and procurement intelligence via customized dashboards.
  • Intuitive dashboards.
  • Spend visibility.
  • Descriptive analytics.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Minimum 3% savings.
Packaged solution for SAP Ariba accelerates deployments, drives predictable outcomes and maximizes business value.
  • Standard configurations and ERP integration interfaces.
  • Best practice templates and industry-specific process maps.
  • Customized training materials.


Stay ahead of the curve and gain added value by tapping into our strong partner ecosystem and integration engineering expertise.

Insights & Resources

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