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Embarking on a sustainability transformation journey and not sure where to start?

Sustainability Transformation

Mitigating and adapting to climate change is among the greatest challenges of our time, and businesses all over the world are responding with bold new zero-emission goals. Our consulting-led technology enablement integrates your sustainability efforts and identifies and drives ESG metrics across your value chains.

How We Can Help

Assess > Transform > Sustain


Assess ESG and Materiality


Collect and Measure ESG Data


Decarbonize Operations


Transform Processes and Manage Risks


Manage Environment, Health and Safety


Sustain ESG Strategy, Enhance Compliance and Reporting

Framework to Drive Sustainability Transformation

Embark on your sustainability journey, aided by our technology-driven consulting offerings.


Assess Organizational Readiness to Embark upon Sustainability Journey
  • ESG Materiality Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Strategy and Advisory


Transform Processes and People by Embedding Sustainability Principles and Values
  • Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Emissions Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety Management


Sustain Business Excellence through Sustainability-Driven Innovation
  • Data Management and Monitoring
  • Reporting and Compliance – BRSR

Insights & Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about our sustainability solutions.

White Papers

10 ESG Data Challenges – and How to Manage Them

Explore the challenges companies face when acquiring data for ESG initiatives as well as solutions and best practices for overcoming these data challenges.


Climate75 – Reduce Impact and Achieve Compliance

Climate75 is a comprehensive emissions management solution that enables you to measure, monitor, manage and report on your environmental compliance data.

Case Studies

Global Life Sciences Company Improves Safety, Sustainability and Compliance with SAP EHS

Consulting services and transformation roadmap for integrated environment, health and safety management helps mitigate risk and improve safety.

White Papers

ESG’s Impact on Life Sciences and Healthcare

What are the ESG risks for life sciences and healthcare companies? How is the regulatory landscape changing? What role does technology play in ESG efforts?


ESG: A Brief Guide to a More Sustainable Future

ESG is a framework that promotes good corporate citizenship and accountability by clubbing together key metrics across Environmental, Social and Governance.

White Papers

HR Tech Sustainability with Smart Integration

HR Tech is playing an essential role in shaping the future of human resources – but HR Tech can also contribute to an organization’s sustainability efforts.

White Papers

Energy Management and Sequence Optimization

Minimizing energy consumption through data analysis and sequence optimization lowers production costs and reduces the negative impact on the environment.

White Papers

Digitalization – A Key Enabler for Sustainability

Explore digitalization’s role in achieving organizational sustainability goals, digital transformation roadblocks and 3 stages of a successful sustainability journey.


Physical Climate Risks – Supply Chain Impact and Mitigation

Avoid revenue losses, retain customer confidence and safeguard your supplier networks by integrating risk planning into your supply chain management.

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