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Realize the incredible power of a connected enterprise.

Integration & Automation

We are increasingly living in a world of systems, sensors, devices and a plethora of data sources. Connectivity is more important now than ever before, because from connectivity comes automation. However, connectivity requires skilled integration. We are experts at connecting disparate sources and automating the flow of information – through batch or near real-time data transfer, unidirectionally or bidirectionally, between two sources or dozens of them – and we can connect and integrate even the most complex technology ecosystems to drive automation and enable end-to-end visibility.


Key Challenges Driving Integration and Automation Trends


Information Explosion


Data in Silos




Limited Visibility


Lack of Insights


Realize the incredible power of a connected enterprise by integrating and automating your systems, platforms, devices, sensors, apps, data, networks and cloud technologies.

Integration Engineering

Tech companies leverage our integration engineering expertise to develop prebuilt integrations/connectors they can pass on to their customers. Our capabilities include platform-to-platform via API and webservices, platform-to-data via EDI, and integration of networks. We often prebuild all the integration elements that can be standardized, then work with end customers to tweak the integration to their specific environment.

IoT Integration

Companies are increasingly turning to IoT for a wide variety of use cases, including asset tracking and monitoring, connected supply chain, shipment track and trace, smart factory, connected field services, etc. We help businesses gain valuable, near real-time data and actionable insights by designing, developing and deploying an IoT architecture and building integrations between their platforms and the IoT-enabled devices.

Hyper-Intelligent Automation

As part of their digital transformation strategy, many companies are embracing an automation-first model – essentially, automate any business process that can be automated. We provide automation consulting-to-deployment services and work with organizations to develop a strategy, establish an automation CoE, work through specific use cases, and then scale to provide additional value and increase return on investment.


Our Integration & Automation Services Drive Measurable Business Value


Increase Revenue


Reduce Costs


Mitigate Risk

“Give us two ends and we’ll build a connector, a bridge or an accelerator to get the job done. We understand the different ecosystems down to the last level of detail, and we build complex, multilevel solutions. We lay the critical foundation that ultimately enables automation, digital twins and other critical tools that give our customers a competitive advantage.”

– Vikram Kaul, Head of Integration & Automation


Stay ahead of the curve and gain added value by tapping into our strong partner ecosystem and integration engineering expertise.


Through our proprietary, customized accelerators, we empower enterprises to leverage cutting-edge technologies to accelerate solution deployment, increase user adoption and maximize business value.

Modern data lake accelerates the building of an intelligent unified data layer that enables cross-system integrations.
  • Common data model and rich set of prebuilt integrations.
  • Interactive and embedded data science tools and analytics.
  • Enterprise-ready SSO, role-based access, admin and reporting.
  • Cloud-native, SaaS, serverless computing, pay-as you-go.
Predict machine breakdowns by continuously monitoring the health, utilization and efficiency of high-value assets.
  • Adherence to asset preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Health and utilization input for capacity and budget planning.
  • Timely alerts for failure rates, process breakdowns, etc.
Real-time customer order tracking and condition monitoring using an IoT-enabled tracking solution.
  • Leading indicators for ETA/EQA for multi-carrier tracking.
  • Automation with ERP and TMS.
  • Timely alerts on delays, missing assets, counts and performance.
  • Location/movement visibility.

Insights & Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about our Integration & Automation services.


Building and Integrating the Right Datasets

Data integration addresses data silos by connecting systems to collect disparate data, standardizing data formats, and creating a single unified view of all data.


Resolving Data Siloing to Unlock Supply Chain Visibility

Data is the key to unlocking supply chain visibility. But disparate systems and data silos cause roadblocks. How can siloing be resolved so visibility can be achieved?

Case Studies

Automaker Taps into Industry 4.0 Tech to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Energy Spend

IoT sensors, cloud data engineering, analytics, geofencing and other Industry 4.0 technologies drive visibility into inventory, assets and energy spend.

Case Studies

Discrete Manufacturer Boosts Labor Utilization by 20% with Cognitive Manufacturing

Solution combines platform integrations, an intuitive supplier collaboration portal and data analytics to enable real-time visibility and deliver actionable insights.

Case Studies

Semicon Manufacturer Achieves $1M+ Savings with Real-Time Inventory Tracking Technology

New digital logistics solution combines Decentralized EWM on SAP S/4HANA with RF devices that provide real-time traceability of warehouse movements.

Case Studies

Global FMCG Giant Saves $5M+ Annually with Digital Asset Management Solution

First-of-its-kind mold management application with built-in early warning features is extending mold asset life, improving planning and reducing spend.

Case Studies

Life Sciences Company Taps into AI to Track 300,000+ Annual Shipments in Real Time and provide the client with digital end-to-end visibility from sourcing to delivery as well as real-time insights into weather-related risks.

Case Studies

Automation Platform Provider Cuts Licensing Fees and Integration Customizations

We provided the integration engineering expertise needed to quickly build a full-fledged SAP connector for the client’s workflow automation platform.

Press Releases

Bristlecone Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Businesses can tap into Bristlecone’s cloud transformation, analytics, AI and supply chain modernization solutions in their journey to the Google Cloud.

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