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Industry Survey Unveils Trends in GenAI Adoption and Trust Levels Among Business Leaders

By April 24, 2024May 16th, 2024Blog

Today, we’re releasing the findings from our survey, ‘The Future of Generative AI in the Supply Chain,’ which examines the attitudes and adoption trends surrounding generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). The survey, conducted in late 2023, gathered responses from 438 executives, and sheds light on the evolving landscape of AI adoption and trust levels across different industries.

The goal of this survey was to answer the question of trust in generative AI, chart the direction organizations are taking with implementation, and to determine whether the real statistics aligned with the hype cycle. We’re pleased that the survey revealed a prevalent sense of trust in AI technology among respondents, with a majority expressing varying degrees of confidence.

Notably, 23.5% of executives indicated complete trust in AI, while the vast majority, 62.8%, fell into the ‘trust to some extent’ category. In those that didn’t express complete trust, concerns about user expertise and data privacy emerged as primary considerations among respondents, with 72.4% of executives citing high cybersecurity concerns. Despite this, nearly all of the respondents say that they plan to implement GenAI into their organizations within the next year – even though all of those same respondents were unsure what that implementation will look like.

Survey results also highlighted the broad applicability of GenAI across various domains, with marketing and customer experience emerging as frontrunners for potential impact. Respondents say they also foresee GenAI having potential contributions in finance, human experience functions, supply chain operations, sales, and sustainability efforts, which reflects what we already know to be true: the versatility and transformative potential of GenAI.

GenAI has already unlocked tremendous opportunities across planning, procurement, manufacturing and logistics. We’re taking a rigorous approach toward developing an intelligent implementation roadmap to guide the shift from AI experimentation to AI scaling, because we want to ensure that these newfound learnings can be incorporated at each stage of the journey. We’re grateful to all respondents, as this survey has helped inform how Bristlecone will guide organizations through developing roadmaps for their own GenAI usage.

At Bristlecone, our goal is to revolutionize the supply chain through cutting-edge AI-powered application transformation services. Through seamless integration, lightning-fast operations, crystal-clear visibility, and automated processes, we help organizations not just adapt, but thrive amidst constant change. We do this through a blend of industry expertise and a consultative approach, and initiatives like this survey uniquely position us as experts. Whether an organization eyeing a digital overhaul, seeking smarter procurement solutions, or diving into the world of autonomous planning, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Bristlecone is your well-informed strategic partner, here to guide you through your transformation journey with unmatched dedication and expertise.

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