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Modern Engineering

With data and apps now powering every aspect of our world, even businesses in traditional analog industries are building their own data-driven apps to improve operations and enhance customer experience. At the same time, we’ve now entered the hyper-acceleration phase of digital transformation. It’s time to move with speed and precision. We help our clients embrace a cloud-first mentality, data-centricity, customer-centricity and product mindset to accelerate their digital transformation and keep pace with the rate of change.


Key Challenges Driving Cloud and Data Management Trends


Information Explosion


Data in Silos




Limited Visibility


Lack of Insights


Build your digital core and modernize your application and data landscape by engaging our expertise to move to the cloud, enhance CX and unlock greater value from your data.

Cloud Engineering

Transition customers into a cloud-first mindset by building and delivering custom cloud-native applications and platforms.
  • Enterprise Cloud Transformation
  • Custom Cloud-Native Solutions
  • Application Modernization

Data Engineering

Trusted approach to ensure critical data is collected, managed and governed so it can be used to unlock greater value for the organization.
  • Data Modernization
  • Data Management and Governance
  • Data Platform and Architecture

Engineering Operations

Enable our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of the backend operations.
  • Quality and Security Assurance
  • DevOps, SRE
  • AMS

Digital Commerce

Empower clients to reimagine customer experiences through B2B, B2C and B2B2C platforms.
  • Commerce Platforms and CX
  • Content Management
  • Mobility


Our Modern Engineering Services Drive Measurable Business Value


Customer Satisfaction


Service Availability


SLA Adherence


Decrease in IT Outsourcing Costs


Reduction in Data Center Footprint

“Innovation doesn’t stop when you deploy new technologies. Digital transformation is an iterative process that requires constant evaluation and a product mindset. We continually work to identify new areas for improvement to create better, faster, more user-centric intelligent enterprises.”

– Dmitry Vilchynskyi, Head of Modern Engineering


Stay ahead of the curve and gain added value by tapping into our strong partner ecosystem and modern engineering expertise.


Through our proprietary, customized accelerators, we empower enterprises to leverage cutting-edge technologies to accelerate solution deployment, increase user adoption and maximize business value.

Modern data lake accelerates the building of an intelligent unified data layer that enables cross-system integrations.
  • Common data model and rich set of prebuilt integrations.
  • Interactive and embedded data science tools and analytics.
  • Enterprise-ready SSO, role-based access, admin and reporting.
  • Cloud-native, SaaS, serverless computing, pay-as you-go.

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