Accelerate Your Digital Transformation.

Achieve automation and greater visibility.


Realize incredible business value by transitioning to a truly digital enterprise – built on a modern cloud infrastructure, with an intelligent data and analytics strategy, that delivers a great customer experience.


Key Challenges Reported by IT Leaders


Lack Sufficient Digital Technologies


Data Quality Concerns


Revisiting Business Growth Strategy


Lack Supply Chain Visibility


Slow Data Processing


Digitalization solutions leverage data engineering, modern visualization, advanced analytics, cognitive automation, cloud technologies and digital customer experience to build a connected technology ecosystem.


  • Smart Factory / Smart Operations
  • Connected Supply Chain
  • Connected Field Services
  • Asset Tracking and Monitoring
  • Shipment Track and Trace
  • Services Automation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • IoT Cloud Services


  • NEO Data Lake®
  • Data Strategy / Maturity Assessment
  • Real-Time Data Ingestion and Integration
  • Modern Data Engineering with Big Data
  • Data Architecture and Modeling
  • Data Quality and Transformation
  • Master Data Management and Governance
  • Visualization with Real-Time Analytics
  • Interactive Analytics Dashboards


  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture
  • Digital Twin / Control Tower
  • Supply Chain Pulse
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Cloud Native Apps
  • Cloud Modernization

Customer Experience

  • Retail Analytics and Customer 360
  • Connected Commerce (B2C and B2B2C)
  • Unified Content / Digital Asset Management
  • Personalization (Product, Promotion, Experience)
  • Social and Mobile Enablement


Our Digitalization Solutions Drive Measurable Business Value


Fewer Returns with IoT Track and Trace


Reduction in Database Size


Faster Integration Time


Lower Cost of Integration


Fewer Service Tickets


Through our proprietary, customized accelerators, we empower enterprises to leverage cutting-edge technologies to accelerate solution deployment, increase user adoption and maximize business value.

Modern data lake accelerates the building of an intelligent unified data layer that enables cross-system integrations.
  • Common data model and rich set of prebuilt integrations.
  • Interactive and embedded data science tools and analytics.
  • Enterprise-ready SSO, role-based access, admin and reporting.
  • Cloud-native, SaaS, serverless computing, pay-as you-go.
Prebuilt analytics solutions targeting critical KPIs across Spend, S&OP, Inventory and Plant Maintenance Operations.
  • Deep data-driven insights.
  • Intuitive and interactive.
  • Drill-down capabilities.
  • Rapid time to value.
Extract information from unstructured transactional documents using OCR and reduce manual work ten-fold.
  • Automatically extract key data fields with OCR/AI algorithms.
  • Quick document handling with higher degree of data accuracy.
  • Transfer extracted data into digital systems and workflows.


Stay ahead of the curve and gain added value by tapping into our strong partner ecosystem and integration engineering expertise.

Insights & Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about our digitalization solutions.


The Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions in the Auto Industry

Yesterday’s strategies are ineffective at mitigating today’s automotive industry challenges. It’s time to rethink how you structure and manage your supply chain.


Unique Supply Chain Challenges in the Life Sciences Industry

Digitalization of the life sciences supply chain, fueled in part by the pandemic, can help businesses work more efficiently and, in turn, improve patient outcomes.


What Causes Poor Data Quality in the Supply Chain?

Inaccurate data is not only frustrating, it can be very costly. With information available from many different sources, why is there so much room for doubt?


Resolving Data Siloing to Unlock Supply Chain Visibility

Data is the key to unlocking supply chain visibility. But disparate systems and data silos cause roadblocks. How can siloing be resolved so visibility can be achieved?

Case Studies

Automaker Taps into Industry 4.0 Tech to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Energy Spend

IoT sensors, cloud data engineering, analytics, geofencing and other Industry 4.0 technologies drive visibility into inventory, assets and energy spend.

Case Studies

Discrete Manufacturer Boosts Labor Utilization by 20% with Cognitive Manufacturing

Solution combines platform integrations, an intuitive supplier collaboration portal and data analytics to enable real-time visibility and deliver actionable insights.

Case Studies

Semicon Manufacturer Achieves $1M+ Savings with Real-Time Inventory Tracking Technology

New digital logistics solution combines Decentralized EWM on SAP S/4HANA with RF devices that provide real-time traceability of warehouse movements.

Case Studies

Global FMCG Giant Saves $5M+ Annually with Digital Asset Management Solution

First-of-its-kind mold management application with built-in early warning features is extending mold asset life, improving planning and reducing spend.

Case Studies

Semiconductor Company uses AI-Powered App to Boost Forecast Accuracy by 40%

The solution provides a portal that enables forecast consumption through collaboration and combines statistical modeling with external event signals.

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