The following document outlines the tax policy of Bristlecone UK Ltd.

Our attitude to tax planning and compliance

We strive to comply fully with all tax law in the UK and globally. We take pride in our reputation and believe that a high level of tax compliance is an essential component of both our standing in the world of business and our ethical conduct. As such, we are fully committed to full tax compliance. Appropriate training will be given to those involved in managing matters with potential tax implications. If there is uncertainty, we may consider seeking external advice such that appropriate conduct is maintained. Our tax planning will ensure that we ensure payment of the right amount of tax at the right time.

Our approach to risk management

In order to ensure our high levels of compliance, we plan to proactively identify any risks that may arise in relation to tax law in the UK and other relevant jurisdictions. Whilst risks are a natural aspect of any business, we hope that through effectively identifying and monitoring these risks, we will ensure compliance with tax laws. We will ensure that our decisions on tax are informed by reasonable interpretations of tax law. Our management of risk will be in line with our overall objective of conducting ethical business, and as such we will not undertake any actions that have the potential to damage our reputation with tax authorities.

Our relationship with HMRC

Our engagement with the HMRC will be characterised by transparency, openness, respect and honesty, which will help to foster a positive relationship with the tax authority. This will manifest itself through transparent discussion in order to resolve any potential disputes, though litigation remains as an option, albeit a less desirable one. If our firm makes any errors in submissions to HMRC, we will disclose the nature of the error as soon as practical after identification of the error. We will also inform HMRC of any significant transactions or dealings and tax issues that arise as early as possible, ensuring that all relevant facts are disclosed. Our overall objective is to have a constructive and positive relationship with HMRC.