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Responding to Supply Chain Disruption in a Post-Pandemic World

By April 27, 2021September 11th, 2022Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global supply chains in a manner that has very few parallels in history – and its impact continues to be felt globally and severely.

When faced with disruption, it is the speed, intelligence and comprehensiveness of a supply shock response that determines how quickly an organization gets back to normal and the extent of its losses. Those who can respond thoughtfully and timely are able to make the best of the opportunities the crisis provides.

As we witnessed last year and continue to see in some parts of the world today, a global crisis like this spurs international lockdowns, which jeopardizes supply chains and gives rise to multiple business challenges like:

  • Travel and Shipment Restrictions
  • Reduced Workforces
  • Port Congestions
  • Low Manufacturing Output
  • Reduced International Movement of Goods
  • High Demand, Low Supply
  • Escalating Price of Essentials

Paralyzed supply chains often suffer from critical issues on the planning side including:

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Short-Term Forecasting
  • Line Loading
  • Labor Balancing

Forecast accuracy, inventory optimization and visibility are the most important challenges to overcome quickly due to their cascading effects on other areas of the supply chain.

Automated planning can help not only tackle these challenges but also position businesses to stay ahead of the curve. SAP IBP is one such solution. Whether challenges are related to Demand Planning, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), or Supply Planning, this intelligent solution comes in handy even if legacy systems are non-SAP.

Bristlecone IBPNow streamlines IBP implementations and drives rapid time to value. This integrated business planning offering combines our supply chain planning expertise, industry-specific assets and accelerators, and best practices from our many successful implementations over the past two decades.

To learn more about how to be better prepared to respond to supply chain disruption, and how cutting-edge solutions can help, watch this on-demand webinar where experts from Bristlecone and Kaisa Consulting discuss real-world responses to supply chain disruption.

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