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Making Autonomous Planning Work for You

By March 4, 2022September 11th, 2022Blog

Supply chain disruptions can happen at any moment. Will you be prepared for the next big change? It’s not always easy to predict what the next major issue will be in the supply chain, but there’s much to be learned from past patterns. And as technology continues to become more advanced, it’s possible to better anticipate problems before they occur. Autonomous planning helps companies do just that.

What is Autonomous Planning?

Autonomous planning utilizes technologies like AI and machine learning to collect and analyze data about factors such as past trends, current demand and manufacturer status to generate insights that empower companies to make more informed planning decisions. Armed with that information, businesses are able to quickly adapt to changing needs, anticipate disruptions and optimize overall performance.

The Value of Autonomous Planning

In addition to having the ability to predict future demand based on past trends, autonomous planning can automatically take corrective actions for supply chain disruptions. Even in extreme situations that can cause volatility in the supply chain, like we saw in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, autonomous planning can help companies stay ahead of the curve. Its predictive capabilities go beyond the functionality of a traditional ERP system by drawing on real-time data to help business leaders understand how current conditions and events can impact their bottom line and recommend solutions to minimize the effects of disruption.

Autonomous planning also helps address the issue of a lack of transparency across the supply chain, a problem which 46% of supply chain leaders cite as being a top priority for them. Autonomous planning solutions improve visibility throughout the supply chain by giving companies the ability to check information such as inventory levels at distribution centers and whether or not a manufacturer is experiencing delays.

Autonomous Planning Solutions

More than 50% of supply chain leaders are expecting to make significant changes in planning, including accelerating S&OP cycles. However, 85% of leaders also report struggling with using digital supply chain technologies to their full advantage.

Autonomous planning solutions are rapidly evolving. It’s important to choose a partner that has expertise across digital strategy, designing, building and implementing autonomous planning solutions. When you partner with Bristlecone to bring autonomous planning solutions to your organization, you’ll be able to work with consultants experienced in strategic supply chain and solution development. Our solutions position you to thrive on change and help you meet your needs today and in the future. Contact us to get started.

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