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The Master Plan: Improving Visibility with Digital Logistics

By May 10, 2022Blog

There’s no shortage of data in the supply chain. However, the existence of data and the ability to access it are two different things. One common problem we’re seeing is the result of companies collecting information through multiple sources with no master plan in place for integration across silos, which leads to a lack of visibility. A master plan is essential for integrating and orchestrating individual aspects of digital logistics, including inventory, distribution, warehousing and transportation.

Common Visibility Challenges

Warehousing & Inventory

  • Continued use of paper-based systems and other legacy systems with limited scalability
  • Inability to accurately predict trends because of incomplete and inaccurate data collected by different systems
  • Inability to identify inefficiencies in warehouse operations
  • Redundant processes
  • Siloed applications at local levels
  • Partially implemented point solutions

Transportation & Distribution

  • Tracking equipment disparities between devices and OEMs as well as countries
  • Lack of end-to-end visibility
  • Delivery tracking limitations and inaccurate ETAs (especially in multi-modal distribution)

Challenges in Last-Mile Delivery

A prime example of where this lack of visibility causes major problems is in last-mile delivery. Consumers have gotten used to the level of visibility that comes with placing orders through sites like Amazon, where they’re notified when their package ships, when it’s out for delivery, when the driver is close to their home, and when their package has been delivered.

However, that high level of visibility is something many companies fall short of meeting, particularly in the B2B realm. When companies use third parties for last-mile delivery, visibility significantly diminishes with unclear delivery times, a lack of real-time transit status updates, and uncertainty around the status of returns.

How Bristlecone Can Help

Bristlecone develops digital logistics solutions that are all about end-to-end connectivity and visibility. It’s our goal to help you develop and execute on your master plan, one that brings the B2B experience more in line with the modern B2C experience.

We have the ability to identify and architect high-value use cases with a customized framework for technology and carrier integration. With the implementation of heterogeneous technological systems with business-improving use cases, it’s possible to better track information about individual units, the health of units, and obtain accurate real-time ETAs from transportation management systems powered by AI. In addition, our proprietary accelerators speed up time to value.

In the end, these solutions improve supplier visibility and visibility within logistics networks, creating a richer and more valuable customer experience.

With deep industry and supply chain expertise, Bristlecone offers digital logistics solutions designed with the future in mind. Our solutions drive speed, transparency, connectivity and resiliency, meeting your needs both for today and beyond.

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