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The Time for Digital Logistics is Now

By April 21, 2021September 11th, 2022Blog

As demand and spending steadily return to pre-COVID levels, logistics professionals are emerging from the pandemic armed with incredible insights and valuable lessons learned. They are now in a position to more easily make a strong case for end-to-end digital logistics management systems that will keep the supply chain moving through future disruption.

According to Gartner, the top five challenges faced in last-mile delivery in 2020 were:

  1. Product and Packaging Suitability for Last-Mile Delivery
  2. Access to Infrastructure in Urban Markets
  3. Changing Consumer Requirements
  4. Cost of Available Services
  5. Meeting Sustainability Requirements in Highly Populated Areas

Consumer demand from freight forwarders is no longer limited to just next-day delivery. Consumers also want to track shipments at every step, get real-time updates on shipment condition and be notified of any delays.

To enable companies to meet and surpass consumer expectations, particularly related to order visibility, it is critical to accelerate end-to-end integration and digitization of the value chain. This could mean linking external and internal systems, breaking down the data silos, and using new-age technologies to glean insights and push for touchless interventions.

Digital technologies such as IoT, AI/ML and cognitive automation are leading from the front when it comes to breaking down silos and providing visibility. Having a centralized view of all logistics data helps proactively identify bottlenecks and take mitigation action.

We have combined many years of analytics and supply chain expertise to bring you a solution that provides the necessary tech integration and will transform the way you manage logistics.

Bristlecone’s AI-powered digital logistics solutions automate processes, improve visibility and unlock key business insights to build a more intelligent enterprise. We improve logistics management through alerts and notifications, cognitive automation, next-gen analytics, and modern visualization. You’ll be able to track orders in real time, be informed of any delays and proactively identify damages to goods in transit – even when facing supply chain disruptions.

  • In-Transit Shipment Visibility. Quickly adapt to disruptions and improve customer experience by monitoring the inbound and outbound flow of product in real time.
  • Integrated Network Planning. Drive logistics optimization from the first mile to the last mile with actionable insights into inventory, warehousing and transportation.
  • Freight Pay and Audit. Simplify payment processing and ensure governance by digitizing paper invoices, minimizing touchpoints and automating workflows.
  • Logistics Control Tower. Gain end-to-end visibility, autonomous decision support and real-time collaboration tools through a centralized logistics hub.

Leveraging the power of our digital logistics solutions, one of our customers has improved on-time delivery by 95%, which is directly correlated with increasing customer satisfaction; another is now armed with proactive alerts and real-time risk monitoring for 1M+ shipments.

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