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The Value of Digital Logistics

By March 29, 2022September 11th, 2022Blog

Companies are under immense pressure to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape. The news continues to be full of reports of supply chain disruptions and delays. Speed, visibility and flexibility are key to getting out in front of the challenges and staying ahead of the curve.

Key Benefits of Digital Logistics

Digital logistics solutions have the power to give companies the edge they need to thrive by increasing transparency, improving communication and reducing delays. These solutions tap into data aggregation and analysis and create a connected technology ecosystem that drives process automation, delivers timely and relevant insights, and enhances customer experience.

Advancements in IoT and automation technology have made it easier than ever for businesses to stay connected and well-informed throughout the entire supply chain – all the way through last-mile delivery. IoT-powered track and trace, robotic process automation, predictive ETA, dynamic shipment routing and smart warehousing are among the most compelling use cases.

Furthermore, with a growing number of companies committed to finding ways to reduce their environmental impact, digital logistics can be an opportunity for them to create a greener supply chain. For example, digital logistics can be used to help reduce the issue of trucks making empty runs or making trips with partial loads by providing real-time information about things like available truck capacities. This way, it’s easier to identify opportunities to transport partial loads and other ways to keep products moving in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner.

Overcoming Data Challenges

Logistics thrives on data, but data unreliability is a major issue. Sometimes, there could be a delay before data is updated. If data is being collected manually, there’s the risk of human error. Or, in many cases, data is collected and stored in a way that makes it difficult and time-consuming for people to find the information they need. Digital logistics can help address these issues through digitalization and automation, improving visibility and enabling people to work more efficiently so they can focus on emerging situations and quickly respond to change.

Digital Logistics Driven by Connectivity

With deep industry and supply chain expertise, We offer digital logistics solutions designed with the future in mind. Our solutions are driven by speed, visibility, connectivity and resiliency, meeting your needs for today and beyond. Contact us to get started.

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