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What Causes Poor Data Quality in the Supply Chain?

By April 13, 2022September 11th, 2022Blog

Having access to data is one thing. Having access to reliable data is another.

Data integrity is a major problem for logistics and supply chain professionals. Even though we live in the age of information, it’s extremely common for supply chain professionals to say they have a very difficult time knowing whether or not the data available to them is accurate and current. Inaccurate data is not only frustrating to deal with, it can also become a very costly problem that can significantly impact the bottom line.

With information available from many sources, why is there so much room for doubt?

Lack of Data Governance

A strong data governance program is essential for making sure data is as complete and accurate as possible by evaluating and validating data and addressing minor mistakes or discrepancies before they turn into major problems. Errors as simple as misspellings or inconsistent formatting are common occurrences that can potentially impact data quality.

Multiple Sources of Data

On the surface, the concept of having access to information from a wide range of sources, both internal and external, sounds incredibly valuable. And having access to a wealth of information should, indeed, help supply chain professionals make better data-driven decisions. However, when data is being collected from many different sources, it’s more likely that inaccuracies will occur. For example, data aggregated from multiple disparate systems may result in redundancies that throw off overall accuracy.

Data Silos

When a company doesn’t have a consistent, enterprise-wide method of recording data, it’s often left to individual departments to develop their own processes and implement their own systems. The result of this is information being collected through a multitude of disparate platforms that weren’t designed to integrate with each other, leading to information accessibility challenges throughout the organization. Inconsistent collection processes can result in data that is impossible for people in other departments to use or understand.

Strategies for Improving Data Quality

Finding the right digitalization solution that makes good use of your data can feel overwhelming, but Bristlecone is here to help. Through our digital consulting services, we can work with you to create a digitalization solution that will meet your needs both today and in the future. Bristlecone solutions are designed to help you thrive on change and overcome obstacles like inadequate supply chain visibility, poor data quality and slow data processing.

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